Experiential Learning – New Way to Learn Supply Chain Management

Most of us would have attended various training programs at some point of time or the other. How much of the stuff “learnt” during the training did we really assimilate, apply and practice on the job leading to eureka moment? Probably none!

Therefore, training is passé and experiential learning is in.

050g6t8Experiential Leaning is a method of educating through first-hand experience. According to David Kolb, father of experiential learning theory, learning is a process whereby knowledge is created by transformation of experience. It essentially means choosing “doing” over “watching” and “feeling” over “thinking”.  There is no better way of delivering experiential learning but through simulations that allows learners to work on real-life problems, make mistakes, and see the outcomes of their decisions then and there. And not the least, experience the eureka moment and a greater confidence of applying the learning on the job.

The famous Beer Game was the first such simple simulation used to experience supply chain dynamics, bullwhip effect and coordination. It had served its purpose well as long as supply chains were simple and stable. With supply chains becoming global, complex and unpredictable the need of the hour is more sophisticated and wholesome simulation that mirrors real- life situations and problems.

The Fresh Connection is one of the world’s leading interactive team based simulation that provides an exceptional means for learning how to make sound value chain decisions by balancing trade-offs across supply chain. Learners, working in teams, can see the impact of the decisions on the company’s ROI instantly and dive deep to analyze the results. They make mistakes, reflect on the impact of their decisions and take corrective actions. It creates that eureka moment for the learners when they see how their decision finally turn around a loss making company into profitable one and they compete with each other to maximize the ROI. The simulation rewards the teams that work in a collaborative mode and sync their value chains to a common business strategy.

logo-TFC-02No wonder, the simulation has been used by 10000+ professionals from 750+ companies from 25 countries. Every year hundreds of practitioners and students participate in the annual global competition using The Fresh Connection.

Click here for more details on The Fresh Connection

Click here to watch an introductory video on The Fresh Connection

If you wish to explore this simulation to develop supply chain competency for your organization, please write to contact@advanchainge.com or visit http://advanchainge.com/partener.php


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